Bootable Windows USB Within A Minutes

Bootable Windows USB Instruction Are Given Below :

Source : Hiddentesla

Its very easy and you don’t need to be programmer to do this job . No need anymore to buy blank CD to burn .

Requirements :

  • A USB Pen Drive To Make Bootable
  • OS Which You Want To Install
  • Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool [Software]


Step 1 :

Download The OS & The Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool First . Here i am sharing windows 7 ISO File for You . All Download links are in the bottom of the post .

Process To Make Bootable Windows USB

Process 1 :

  1. Open up your CMD by searching on search menu on your PC / Laptop .
  2. Then Write Diskpart
  3. It will ask you to allow to make changes on your pc click Yes then it will open a new CMD window .
  4. Write on that new CMD window . List Disk then hit enter then it will come with disk list of your PC .
  5. Now it’s time select which disk you want to make bootable . Select very carefully of your USB Drive .
  6. Now write select disk x then hit enter . This command will select your desire disk .
  7. Then write clean to make the selected disk clean .
  8. After that write create partition primary to create partition on your USB .
  9. Then write select partition 1 .
  10. Write format fs=ntfs to format your USB . It will take few moments to format your disk . Wait for sometimes until it become 100% .
  11. Once it complete write assign then hit enter . you are done .

Process 2 :

Bootable Windows USB

Now it’s time to burn your OS to Your USB Drive .

  1. Open your Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool
  2. Click On Browse then select your OS Then click next
  3. Select USB Device then all file will be copied to your USB . Now use anywhere anytime your USB as portable windows .




Download Links :

Source : Hiddentesla



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